Yarmouth, ME  January 11, 2011 – Did you know that waste from restaurants and other food service establishments is more than 75% organic material which can be composted?  Did you know that, on average, a single full service restaurant generates more than 50 tons of food waste, contributing to the 32 million tons of food waste generated in the U.S. every year.  Unfortunately, 98% of it is wasted through disposal into landfills.  There is a better way.

HelpMeCompost.com is a new website dedicated to connecting restaurateurs and other organic waste generators with composters and organic collection services.  “Restaurateurs need to know that they have alternatives to land filling; good, cost effective options.” said Melanie Solmos, organics expert and co-founder of the site.  “It’s hot to “Go Green” right now, and in many cases it means a significant cost reduction too.  HelpMeCompost.com provides the necessary information to create this win-win situation,” explained Solmos.

HelpMeCompost.com is an innovative, user friendly site which offers free access to a searchable national map of composters and collectors.  With ease, users can locate a nearby facility and collection service.  In addition, restaurateurs also have access to experts who can teach them how to prepare their waste for recycling and find collection and compost facilities for them.

“Regulators, policy makers, elected officials, etc. all have their strategies for improving the environment.  Our strategy is to let the market decide.  When customers (waste generators) discover that they have alternatives, it’s a powerful tool for change.” said Solmos. 

Recycling food waste to compost improves the environment by reducing green house gas emissions and the need for commercial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.  Compost improves soil health and fertility, conserves water, prevents erosion and helps farmers to grow the quality food restaurants depend on. 

View HelpMeCompost.com in Windows Explorer 8 or higher / Firefox 3.6.13 or higher.  For more information visit the site or contact Melanie Solmos at 1-800-504-5785 ext. 0, msolmos@helpmecompost.com.

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