A familiar name will be bringing more than 40 years of pizza industry experience into the take & bake pizza arena this spring.

Ron Gartlan, best known for his iconic pizza chain, sees a bright future for Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. “As one of the leaders in the industry, we have to look at every possibility of driving our business forward by meeting and exceeding the ever-changing needs of our consumers. We feel bringing our expertise into the take & bake pizza market will be one of the ways we can do just that,” said the Chief Executive Officer and President of Godfather's Pizza, Inc.

Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. is set to introduce the new Big Vinny’s Take & Bake Pizza restaurant this spring when the first restaurant opens in Lincoln, NE. The concept will use the finest ingredients and dough made fresh daily to prepare custom ordered pizzas tailored to each customer’s preference that can later be baked in the comforts of their own home.

Customers will be able to choose their own crust (Traditional or Thin), sauces (Signature, Alfredo Garlic, Garlic Oil, BBQ, Buffalo, Tex-Mex, Pesto) and meat, veggie, and cheese toppings to create their own pizza. In addition to the Create Your Own Pizza options, the new restaurant will offer Specialty Pizzas such as the The Big Vinny, Fiesta, Hawaiian and Greek pizzas. Salads, Cheesesticks and Cookie dough are among the sides being offered. The concept will also offer Pesto Chicken, Alfredo Chicken, Primavera, and Italian Meat Trio pizzas that contain 25% less calories than the restaurant’s Traditional crust pizzas. These items can be found under the Skinny Vinny Lite Pizzas portion of their menu. 

All products will include detailed cooking instructions to ensure each bite tastes “Notoriously Good”. Prices will be comparable to other take & bake style restaurants. 

Future expansion is planned in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

For more information about Big Vinny’s Take & Bake Pizza, please visit the company’s Facebook page at facebook.com/BigVinnysPizza.

About Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. 

After 40 years of creating and making pizzas, you could say Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. knows what it takes to make an unforgettable pizza. Founded in 1973, the family-operated franchise’s mission has remained unchanged – to serve a more delicious and abundantly-topped pizza than any other in the country. The fast-casual concept has expanded to more than 600 locations in more than 40 states ranging from traditional dine-in restaurants to express outlets such as airports, convenience stores and college campuses. The heritage of serving the best pizza around that built this company continues today.


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