Gluten-free At The Fore During The 2011 International Pizza Expo

Ambler, Pennsylvania, February 9th, 2011, – At the 2011 International Pizza Expo, the world’s oldest and largest pizza-only trade show, gluten-free industry experts Alice Bast, President and Founder of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), and Bryan Scherer, Penford Food Ingredient Co. Director of Research and Development, will hold an educational session entitled, Understanding Gluten-free Foodservice Opportunities.

Session Overview:

With the expanding population of Americans affected by celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, demand for gluten-free products and menus continues to climb. The market posted sales of $2.6 billion in 2010, according to Packaged Facts market research, and is projected to exceed $5 billion by 2015.

But despite outgrowing other areas of the industry, the foodservice industry is still not keeping up with demand. Partly, this is due to a perception that the gluten-free diet is merely a popular trend, and that both gluten-free menus and cross contamination safeguards are difficult to implement.

In their Understanding Gluten-free Foodservice Opportunities presentation, Alice Bast and Bryan Scherer will disclose how gluten-free products are impacting food service to create new menu offering opportunities. This session will also cover evolving trends, finished products concepts, and the “how” of creating safe and delicious gluten-free menu offerings that can increase traffic and drive revenue.


Understanding Gluten-free Foodservice Opportunities will take place Tuesday, March 1st 2011 from 9:00- 10:30am at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N260. This first-of-a-kind session will be followed by a demonstration in the exhibit hall later in the day.

For detailed presenter information, visit the upcoming events section of NFCA’s website

“With the right ingredients and proper training, any establishment can implement a successful gluten-free menu, boost revenue, and increase customer loyalty,” said Bast. “Our goal is to make sure that the foods we so enjoy eating are available everywhere and are safe for our gluten-free families. After all, what is better than a pizza night out!”

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About NFCA and GREAT Gluten-Free Initiatives:
NFCA’s GREAT gluten-free initiatives promote a vision where gluten-free food is tasty, safe, affordable, accessible, and understood. The organization and its programming have been recognized by industry professionals and consumers alike for their leadership in the growth and development of the gluten-free market. The GREAT Business Association of gluten-free businesses and certified gluten-free product registry, as well as the GREAT Kitchens gluten-free training program for kitchens and food service, provide tools to manage and master the gluten-free marketplace.

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