Gi.Metal has launched its Limited Edition project by introducing the first pizza peel in its new series, which will be available for purchase on March 22 at

A limited number of pieces were produced for the project, which first launched in Europe and is now coming to the U.S.

The “Limited Edition #1 – Be Pink” peel is the first one in the new series. Symbolizing purity and elegance, pink is traditionally associated with women but has now become a “universal color,” the company said in a press release. “Be Pink stands for courage, expertise and self-will, which are typical traits of those who are making a name for themselves in the wonderful world of pizza, constantly striving for uniqueness and value.”

The Limited Edition project stems from Gi.Metal’s desire to support pizza makers as they naturally evolve, according to the release. With more pizza makers now also running their own businesses, they’re looking for innovative and reliable work tools while also sourcing quality products for their menus. The pizzeria owner’s personal image has become more important than ever, setting them apart from competitors and making their brands stand out, the company said.

“I like to think of pizza makers as artists, driven by a shared passion and yet different from each other, original and unique,” Gabriele Lastrucci, sales director of Gi.Metal, explained. “We combined quality, innovation and aesthetics, which are our hallmark, with values such as the originality and uniqueness of pizza makers, and it all came naturally.’

“Be Unique” is actually the motto behind the project, which will involve the release of several peels, such as one with a special laser-cut, customized handle, in a limited series, with “a brand-new look and excellent technical performance,” the company said.

A person’s name, a principle that guides pizza makers in their job, an inscription for someone special—all of these customization options are offered to create a unique and distinctive item.

Meanwhile, the Gi.Metal logo has been transformed to give the Limited Edition peels a distinct identity. It features a heart-shaped “swoosh,” symbolizing “the eternal beating heart for pizza makers around the world and their art.”

GiMetal CEO Marco D’Annibale said he’s proud of the project. “At last, I’m fulfilling my dream of offering a tool that is not only useful and of superior quality, but also special and unique. This makes me feel closer to all of you.”

The packaging is special too, the company said. It was designed to make sure that the customer’s journey ends with the same level of care that was put into the project. The pizza peel case fits the product like a glove, protecting it on the outside, the company noted, resulting in “a slow, enjoyable discovery of a one-of-a-kind, inimitable peel.”

The pizza peel head, part of the Evoluzione Line by Gi.Metal, offers excellent technical performance, has a sophisticated design and is ideal for high-temperature ovens, according to the company. Two rectangular head sizes (13’’ and 14’’) and three handle lengths (23’’, 47’’ and 59’’) will be available, but only a limited number of pieces will be produced.

A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of the “Limited Edition #1 – Be Pink” peel will be donated to Action Aid projects aimed at supporting women’s empowerment and protecting women’s rights. “Gi.Metal has been aware of these issues for years and embraces them wholeheartedly by making sure to avoid gender bias and creating a healthy, productive work environment,” the company said.

To demonstrate all the features of the exclusive Limited Edition and other lines of pizza peels and tools, the Gi.Metal team will be available at booth #1379 at the International Pizza Expo.

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