According to a report on, “spaghetti and meatball pizza? Or how about a slice of bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizza or ziti alfredo pizza?”

“These pies sound like the mess cleaned up after waiters collide, but at Trio’s Pizzeria in Candler, Charlie Liotta, 19, and his brother, Eddie, 17, make these unusual pizzas made-to-order. The teens have been running the restaurant since January, when their father, Phil, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The brothers’ creativity with atypical toppings demonstrates one reason the pizzas appeal to the young, the old — and even mutant Ninja turtles. And it’s why almost every community has a favorite locally owned pizza joint, with its own unique flair.”

“’Pizza is such a versatile thing,’ Charlie Liotta said. ‘No matter what culture you’re from, cheese and bread are staples. When you put those together, it always comes out good.’”

“The brothers started experimenting with their out-of-the-pizza-box concoctions on late nights at the restaurant,” the story said.

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