Get Ready for Spaghetti-Crust Pizza From Tony Boloney's

When it comes to innovative pizza recipes, there’s nothing phony about Tony Boloney’s, with locations in Hoboken and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Owner Mike Hauke has already introduced a pizza made with ramen noodle crust , but that wasn’t quite crazy enough. Inspired by his wife’s grandfather, Hauke recently introduced the Papa Charlie’s Spaghetti Pie and earned some priceless media coverage on the Today Show’s website.

The crust consists of fresh, housemade spaghetti, plus a cheese sauce mixture that combines eggs, heavy cream, melted butter, olive oil, grated pecorino, housemade mozzarella, and shredded provolone as well as sprinkles of shredded scamorza cheese. Then Hauke drizzles the pie with a spicy vodka sauce made with Calabrian chiles and finishes it off with fresh burrata and torn basil leaves.

“The first time I saw [Papa Charlie] make it, I told him he was going to give someone a heart attack,” Hauke told Today Food. Although he doesn’t follow Papa Charlie’s recipe exactly—there were no toppings in the original version, and Papa Charlie added lard to the crust mix—the spaghetti pizza is a tasty tribute to the old-timer.

The unique specialty pie has also been spotlighted on, which raved, “Each humongous slice of this over-the-top pizza … has a crispy, golden crust and oodles of noodles.”