Need to be able to produce consistent hummus day-in-day-out every day? Then you need to look no further than the Robot Coupe Hummus Machine –  the Blixer 10. With the Blixer 10 you can save time and still produce the exact consistency you need day-in-day-out, day-after-day, every day!

When you team up with Robot Coupe Blixer 10, you will be able to prepare your perfect hummus and also mix, chop and grind other products, i.e. eggplant, caviar, guacamole as well as produce many different, unique salad dressings.

Robot Coupe offers a line of Blixers that are perfect for Hummus – from Blixer 4 to the Blixer 60  designed to meet your production quota. Contact Robot Coupe to set up a demonstration  or 800/824-1646.

Robot Coupe USA is the inventor and leading innovator of professional foodservice equipment for over 50 years – commercial food processors, combination food processors, vegetable preparation machines, vertical cutter-mixers, Blixers, power mixers, juice extractors, automatic sieves as well as an unmatched disc collection.

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