Get ʾem While They’re Hot: Black Garbanzos From Indian Harvest

BEMIDJI, MINN., February 7, 2011 – Indian Harvest is pleased to announce the latest addition to its Boutique line of exclusive, limited-quantity beans, legumes and grains: black garbanzos.

Black garbanzo beans from Indian Harvest are the size of a large pea, with an earthy, smoky flavor that strikes a subtle sweet note. Like their widely known, lighter-colored cousin, black garbanzos are a legume. When cooked, they double in size, adding eye-catching appearance to plates. Plus, they can play an integral role in healthy dish development thanks to their high complex carbohydrate, protein and fiber.

“Black garbanzos share most of the characteristics of traditional garbanzos, so they’re great for hummus, falafel and any dish that calls for the goodness of chickpeas,” says Michael Holleman, Indian Harvest’s director of culinary development. “The black variety is rare because it’s not grown widely. And while many brown garbanzos available are marketed as black, ours are a deep, rich black on the outside, with a cream-colored center. We distributed our black garbanzo beans at the 2010 Chefs Collaborative National Summit in Boston, and chefs loved them.”

For culinary support and recipes—such as Black Garbanzos with Roasted Tomato, Spinach and Chorizo—featuring limited-supply items in Indian Harvest’s Boutique line, call (800) 346-7032 or visit and click the Indian Harvest Boutique tab.


About Indian Harvest

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