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Germany’s Pizza Delivery Service Takes To The Sky

“Students at the University of Berlin have created the flying pizza delivery service. In essence: it’s a mini-helicopter drone that delivers a hot pizza to anybody in the area. It may not be as fast as a regular car delivery, but it’s way more awesome,” according to WebPro News.

“This isn’t the first time that people have dabbled with the idea of unmanned drone delivery services. San Francisco-based TacoCopterbecame prominent thanks to the Internet earlier this year despite being around since 2011. Current FAA guidelines prevent people from using unmanned drones for commercial purposes though. It seems that such regulations do not exist in Germany.

It’s important to note that the flying pizza delivery service is a student project. You’re not going to suddenly see pizza places all over Germany start delivering food via tiny helicopters. It would be totally awesome if that was the case, but the logistics for implementing flying delivery on a mass scale is a little too difficult at the moment.”