Anthony Mangieri, owner/chef of New York’s globally acclaimed Una Pizza Napoletana, has nailed the frozen-pizza segment, too, at least according to four staff members at the New York Times.

Granted, this is no big shock. Una Pizza Napoletana was named the best pizzeria in the U.S. by the expert pizzaioli at Italy Top Pizza last June. A few months later, Italy Top Pizza released a list of the best pizza shops in the world, and Mangieri’s restaurant tied for the No. 1 spot with I Masanielli di Francesco Martucci in Caserta, Italy.

Mangieri has since launched Genio Della Pizza, a line of frozen pizzas now available in supermarkets in New York and New Jersey. The pizzas will be sold online here in May. They’re already available in most major markets via Gopuff and DashMart (DoorDash’s market).

According to the company, Genio Della Pizza’s frozen pizzas are made in Italy with naturally fermented dough and fresh Italian ingredients, then baked in a woodfired oven. The process reflects “the same exacting and maniacal commitment to quality that Anthony puts into the pies he pulls out of his oven at his award-winning Lower East Side restaurant,” a press release states.

this photo shows Anthony Mangieri, wearing a black t-shirt and visible tattoos on his neck, posing with a Genio Della Pizza box and smiling

Photo by Mark Weinberg

A blind taste test conducted by the New York Times staffers seems to bear that out. The test was conducted by food reporter Julia Moskin; columnist and recipe writer Eric Kim; Vaughn Vreeland, a supervising producer for NYT Cooking; and Cathy Lo, an editor.

Rather than test frozen pizzas from global brands like Nestle’s and Rich’s, the Times staffers opted for Margherita pies from independent pizza makers known for their Neapolitan-style fare. These included four New York City brands—Genio Della Pizza, Roberta’s, Table 87 and Talia di Napoli—that offer their frozen pies in grocery stores. The taste testers also purchased Margherita pies available via Goldbelly from other parts of the country, including Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix; Varuni Napoli in Atlanta; Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco; Pizzana in Los Angeles; Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in San Antonio; La Piazza al Forno in Glendale, Arizona; and Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria on Staten Island.

“The differences among the pies were astounding,” Moskin wrote. “Some had a thick schmear of tomato, others just a scrape of orange sauce; a few crusts had the puffy, raised edge characteristic of Neapolitan pizza, but others were flat, like Midwestern tavern pizza.”

Of the four New York City brands, Genio Della Pizza came out on top.

here is a closer shot of the Margherita pizza with Anthony Mangieri pulling out a slice. His arm is heavily tattooed. There's a stack of Genio Della Pizza boxes stacked nearby.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

“This pizza, with its lavishly oily and salty crust, smartly avoided the dryness that plagued its competitors,” Moskin wrote. One taste tester praised the pizza’s aroma in particular. “The proportion of tomato to crust felt right, and the crust had sourdough flavor, something we missed in the other pies,” Moskin continued.

Talia di Napoli was rated No. 2 among the New York pizzeria brands available in grocery stores. “This was the prettiest, most Italian-looking pizza of the bunch, something you might actually serve to adults,” Moskin wrote. “That crucial element of a classic Neapolitan crust rarely appeared at the tasting. We liked Talia’s blistered, puffy edge, but the toppings had only faint flavor.”

Table 87, at No. 3, impressed one of the tasters with its tomato purée, although another thought it was too sweet. Moskin concluded that the “crackerlike” crust would appeal to kids.

At No. 4, Roberta’s frozen Margherita pizza boasted “generous slices of mozzarella melted into lovely puddles,” but the crust “lacked flavor,” according to Moskin.

For the pizzas shipped directly from pizzerias outside of New York City, Delfina earned the highest honors for its “clear fresh flavors,” while Pizzeria Bianco was praised for its cheese pull and Pizzana offered “the most successful combination of chewy and crispy crust.”

Genio Della Pizza has launched with four pizzas: the Margherita, the Marinara, the Bianca and the Broccoli Rabe. They’re available at New York and New Jersey markets including Brooklyn Fare, Gristedes, Union Market, D’Agostino, Talbott & Arding, Fairway Market and Westwide Market.

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