GelARTo is a new brand in the United States, but their extraordinary Italian gelato has been wowing gelato fans for 30 years across the Atlantic. Made by Menodiciotto of Italy (which literally means “minus 18”), GelARTo’s products can be found in gelaterias, pizzerias and the best restaurants across Europe.

Unlike traditional American ice cream, GelARTo’s gelato is made with milk or water rather than full fat cream. This means the gelato flavor isn’t masked by the strong taste of dairy fat. GelARTo goes a step further than other, more industrial gelato makers, ensuring that they have complete control over the whole supply chain. They use fresh milk from their own herd of dairy cows and clear Alpine water from Turin, where GelARTo’s gelato is still made under the uncompromising eye of Luca Grassi, Menodiciotto’s founder and MD. 

Add to that the fresh fruit and nuts so abundant across much of Italy and carefully sourced ingredients from the rest of the world, such as Ecuadorian chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla beans, and the result is truly memorable. (The fact that it’s lower in fat—and gluten-free—is simply a happy coincidence!)

GelARTo is new in the States, but if its success in Europe is anything to go by, you will shortly be able to buy their gelato from a distributor near you, wherever you are. That’s good news for all ice cream fans—and good news for pizza outlets too. Many pizza restaurants are making fantastic Italian pizzas but missing a huge opportunity with their dessert offerings. Nothing complements a great pizza like authentic Italian gelato—they were made to go together!  

Serving the best Italian gelato is a win-win for you and your customers; every meal ends with a “Wow!” while you earn the very healthy profits that great gelato for dessert will achieve. 

And what better way to keep your customers’ attention than with a mini Italian gelateria in your restaurant? That’s why GelARTo has come up with this fantastico introductory offer. If you are a big ice cream user already, you’ll love the huge volume savings you can earn. And if you want to introduce a little “theater” to your restaurant, GelARTo’s Gelato Starter pack may be just what you’re looking for. Either way, one thing’s for sure—once you have tasted GelARTo’s authentic Italian gelato and sorbet, ordinary ice cream will never taste the same again! Contact GelARTo at 844-GELARTO, or


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