Gatti’s Kickin’ Chicken BBQ Ranch Pizza

Gatti’s Pizza has announced a brand new pizza – the Kickin’ Chicken BBQ Ranch Pizza. This pizza will be offered as an 8-week promotion by Gatti’s and is the first in what will be a year-long series of new product launches for the pizza chain.

“We are really excited about this year’s product pipeline,” said Gatti’s Pizza Spokesman, Ed Cohen. “Beginning with a brand-new twist on the decades-old Gatti’s tradition of dipping our delicious pizza in homemade ranch, Kickin’ Chicken is just the beginning of a regular cycle of new product offerings from Gatti’s Pizza,” Cohen continued.

This new pizza is being offered at an affordable price, proving that value remains a consistent priority for their customers. For customers who can’t get enough of Gatti’s famous, Ranch dipping sauce, this pizza is sure to please – the Ranch is the sauce! Gatti’s “Kickin'” new pizza has already received rave reviews from their customers.