According to a report from, “The price of gas is really eating up more of your money. Not just at the pump, but wherever you do business. There’s no escaping it when you fill up your tank, but can you still avoid it when you fill up on a good meal? Restaurants have to pay more for every delivery they get, and it may only be a matter of time, until their extra charges get passed onto us.”

The article stated: “At Zeek’s Pizza in Seattle, the pies come fresh and hot out of the oven. You don’t have to heat up your kitchen or make a mess. It’s convenient, but if the cost of gas keeps skyrocketing, your pizza bill might go up with it.”

“The cost of everything – the trucker has to pay more, freight goes up, the middleman pays more,” said one customer, David Vial in the article. “And the end user has to pay for it all.”

The report said, “Inventory control is everything in the restaurant business. The cost of every bushel of tomatoes, every pound of cheese is crucial. And now, in addition to pepperoni and mushrooms, you get to top off that pizza with a fuel surcharge.”

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