GANSEVOORT, N.Y., Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Gansevoort, New York resident, Nancy Needham, has been crowned the national winner of the DiGiorno Pizza “You Bettis Believe” sweepstakes and is on her way to an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas courtesy of DiGiorno Pizza. On August 28, Jerome Bettis will coach her in selecting the winning picks for her Fantasy Football Draft Party. She’ll enter the league against her 10 family members who she’s bringing to Las Vegas as a part of her prize.

Football legend Jerome Bettis teamed up with DiGiorno Pizza last winter to challenge fans to “taste and believe” at Bettis offered tips and tools for the best game day party and the opportunity to enter the “You Bettis Believe” sweepstakes on the heels of the football season.

Needham and her family eat DiGiorno Pizza at least twice a week and are avid football fans, so when football great Jerome Bettis threw out the challenge to “taste and believe” in the fresh-baked taste of DiGiorno Pizza, she took him up on the offer.

“Never has anything so wonderful happened to me,” said Needham. “This opportunity to share a gift with my family has come at a time when we needed a dream come true.”

“We challenged all Americans to taste and believe that DiGiorno Pizza has the fresh-baked taste of carry-out and delivery pizza,” said Tom Moe, Director of Marketing, DiGiorno Pizza. “We are thrilled to bring people new opportunities to believe and very excited to share the experience with Nancy and her family in Las Vegas.”

Taste & Believe with DiGiorno Pizza

There are even more ways for people to “taste and believe” with DiGiorno Pizza. Fans can tune in at on August 28th at 3:30 p.m. EDT for a chance to get their questions answered by Jerome Bettis LIVE from the Fantasy Football Draft Party in Las Vegas. Starting now and leading up to the LIVE chat, Twitter followers have a chance to win Jerome Bettis signed gear. Follow for more details.

About DiGiorno Pizza

Whether you are looking for a tender, delicious rising crust or a thin, crispy crust, there is a DiGiorno Pizza for you. And every DiGiorno Pizza comes with juicy, mouth-watering toppings – crisp vegetables, savory meats and delicious cheeses!

Enjoy DiGiorno Pizza for lunch or dinner. Follow your taste and explore all our delicious pizza & flatbread melt varieties.

For more information about DiGiorno Pizza or for a chance to chat LIVE with Jerome Bettis Live on August 28th at 3:30 p.m. EDT, visit

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