Frymaster Launches Go-to Site,, to Support Trans-fat Transition

Shreveport, LA, March 1, 2007  —  Industry leader Frymaster, LLC, an Enodis company, is stepping forward to fill the knowledge gap being created by the Nation’s rapid transition to trans-fat free frying by launching  Foodservice operators will now have a “first stop” online resource to guide them on how popular fried foods can become healthier.
Cities, states, and municipalities are moving at an unprecedented rate to prompt the removal of unhealthy trans fats from restaurants and foodservice establishments.  Almost weekly announcements around the country about mandatory or voluntary initiatives are forcing foodservice operators into a steep learning curve about how to provide customers with healthier versions of the fried foods they love.  This website will provide a handy snapshot of the art and the science of fit frying, as well as links to other credible resources.
One of the cornerstones of the site will focus on the “Fit Frying 4” – Factors to Promote Healthful Frying.   These principles show how to simply implement best practices that really make a difference in healthier frying.  For example:
–           Choosing the right oil – has now become a bit more complicated since the partially hydrogenated trans oils used for the past two decades could function in a one size fits all capacity.  Now operators will be able to select from a variety of healthier oils that can enhance their menu offerings. An overview on oils is included;
–           Choosing the right fryer – can tighten the temperature control over time to optimize the cooking curve.  Fitting the right fryer design with various menu items can deliver improvements in both food taste and cost;
–           Following the right cooking process – can minimize by-products produced during frying by slowing the changes to the oil’s characteristics as it interacts with the food, oxygen and heat.  Users will discover how the acronym CWASH can help them; and
–           Establishing the right maintenance program – can reduce costs that can be channeled back into buying healthier ingredients.
Other highlights on the site focus on Menu Impact.  This section will keep operators up to date on the latest menu trends, innovations in fried foods, news on healthier fried food products, and a recipe resources section that links the user to numerous sites.
A third key area will help the user to Get the Facts.  This resource will provide the most up-to-date information on fried foods from government, science, industry, associations, and manufacturers.  A special news section will keep operators informed about what is happening in the food policy and news arena.  A simplified explanation on trans fats is included.
“Initiatives such as allow Frymaster, LLC to continually renew our commitment to our Customers at the Core philosophy, placing customer needs at the center of everything we do,” said Gene Baugh, president. 
Trends analysts continually show that fried foods are among the most popular items on the menu.  Tips on will help operators navigate the optimal path for providing healthier fried foods. 
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