To offset dine-in service losses due to the pandemic, famed Minneapolis eatery Pizzeria Lola has begun offering a selection of frozen take-home pizzas that will range in price from $13 to $19, according to the Pioneer Press.

Chef Ann Kim, a James Beard Award winner who was featured on PMQ’s cover in November 2011, is not currently offering dine-in service at her restaurant. But Pizzeria Lola, along with Kim’s other restaurants, Hello Pizza and Young Joni, will provide five frozen or take-and-bake pizzas, including:

  • The Old Reliable with red sauce, mozzarella and pecorino
  • The Margherita with Italian red sauce, fior de latte, olive oil and fresh basil
  • The Korean BBQ with beef short ribs, mozz, scallions, arugula, sesame and a soy-chili vinaigrette
  • The My Sha-Roni with red sauce, mozz, pepperoni and fennel sausage
  • The Hawaii Pie-O with applewood-smoked bacon, pineapple, mozz, provolone, cream and serrano peppers.

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Pioneer Press reporter Nancy Ngo was impressed by the frozen offerings. “We sampled some of the pizzas and can’t get over how the taste is restaurant-quality despite being previously frozen,” Ngo wrote. “So if you’re feeling like staying at home but want to treat yourself to restaurant-standard pizza, this is a great way to go.”

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