Frontline Profit Machine

According to a press release:

The economy is in shambles. Competition for the same consumer buck is global and fierce. But one sales management consultant takes a unique approach to addressing the sole area that requires minimal improvement but can yield tremendous profit growth. Ziad Khoury, with nearly two decades of helping major companies reap profit windfalls, has authored a new book that centers on the frontline – entry level sales positions, call center agents, customer service staff– and shows how the most substantial new revenue opportunities involve those not traditionally associated with sales rainmakers.


“Indirect sales opportunities are ones that tend to be the most overlooked in many organizations,” says Ziad, author of Frontline Profit Machine:  The Blueprint For Exploding Profits with your existing Sales and Service Team. “The positions that offer them are often viewed as entry-level, with little thought to the profit influence they have:” Executives of great companies like Nordstrom’s and Enterprise Rent a Car understand the impact of the Frontline and know what an incredible competitive edge that can be in your business.


Ziad helps turn order-takers into sales professionals and poses the question every company must ask itself, “Will we invest in creating a thriving, nearly matchless service-based sales culture that will give us a leg up on our competitors?” 


Managers in order to elevate frontline activity, would need to see them as sales professionals, but Ziad says the frontline staff would also need to view their position as an important one. “The frontliners need to understand the powerful impact they have on the profit of their business,” Ziad says. “They need to understand the great opportunity they have. They must believe in their products and the value they bring to the customer.”


Ziad’s new book reveals:


· How the Frontline can help increase top line by 5% to 10% that can result in doubling profit. 

· How to capture “easy money” that is being left on the table during client transactions.

· How to develop the right environment to nurture a successful frontline sales force.

· How to select and invite the right fit into your organization

· How to then move to create the right set of expectations and then motive the team to implement them in an on-going basis

· How to implement the Khoury 6-Step Selling Process.

· How to get started in this culture changing journey

· How to manage the process on an ongoing basis to achieve the profit impact the Frontline can deliver for you


Frontline Profit Machine will help your business increase profits by improving service and sales at the point of customer interaction. This is not just a matter of up-selling customers; rather it requires a cultural transformation in the organization, encompassing training, a sense of ownership and empowerment among frontline employees, measurement and appropriate financial incentives — all part of the Khoury Performance Equation blueprint


His proven methods can work for many industries and companies, including car rental companies, retail sales clerks, apartment leasing agents, restaurants and hotels, insurance agents, auto dealerships, field reps and financial service companies.


“Many CEOs do not understand the huge profit impact that frontline revenue can have when most other expenses are paid for,” says Ziad. “And the few that do, usually do not understand that creating a thriving sales culture requires much more than telling managers to ‘get sales up,’ ‘put a contest together,’ or to just ‘focus on it.’”  


Ziad helps create and instill a sales culture at the frontline. He shows how to overcome what is fast-becoming a performance emergency for many companies and professionals during tough times or at any time. All too often Khoury finds that executives and sales managers ignore or don’t fully develop the frontline staff in the process of selling. Some of his clients use his firm to hire a “resident performance manager,” someone who can implement the KPE method and lead a company to greater profitability. He stands by his work to the point his compensation rests mainly in the company’s measured improvement.


He shares his insights on:

· Why the boss may be a leading performance killer for your company.

· Why training alone cannot deliver better frontline performance.

· Why sales myths pervade too many companies.

· How one can improve frontline revenue by as little as 5-10% while doubling net profits, enhance customer service, and create lower employee turnover.

· How to acknowledge the performance of the average salesperson at a company is 50% better than that of the bottom 20% of performers – and that the top 20% performers are often 100% better than the bottom 20%.

· Implementing 3 keys sales management strategies: firing, hiring, and inspiring.

· How sales reports often measure the wrong thing and measure it incorrectly.

· Why sales can only grow once a company creates the right environment, define the right recruitment process, as well as right training, the right coaching, and the right incentives.


Frontline Profit Machine details how to convert people who already call or visit you into a bigger sales transaction. By building a strong sales culture, one that values, trains and rewards its frontline, an organization’s upside can be enormous.