• Krave It’s Fried Oreo pizza features a crust made of cannoli, plus fried cookies, mozzarella, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.
  • With one store currently in Bayside, New York, Krave It will open its second location in Astoria next month, with a menu that includes a pizza made with 16 cheeseburgers, a fried egg, French fries and bacon.

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Krave It Sandwich Shop and Eatery, currently with one location in Bayside, New York, has ushered in a “new age” of pizza with artisan recipes that sometimes go a little bit over the top. We’re talking Fried Oreo pizzas here, people!

As the Astoria Post reports, Krave It will open its second location soon in Astoria, New York, where it will offer items like the World Famous Cheeseburger Pizza, made with 16 cheeseburgers (no, we didn’t miscount), a fried egg, French fries, bacon and chipotle mayo—all in one pizza, mind you—and the Don Julio, a steak taco pizza with jalapeno ranch dressing, cheddar and a heaping helping of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Or you might want to sink your sweet tooth into the Fried Oreo pizza. It’s topped with mozzarella, fried Oreo cookies, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup and sprinkles, all on a crust made from cannoli.

PopSugar’s Victoria Messina hails the Fried Oreo pizza as “the most glorious gastronomic masterpiece I’ve ever encountered.”

“To make this circular piece of heaven,” Messina writes, “the chefs first batter, deep-fry and halve a handful of Oreos before placing them on top of cheese-covered dough. The pizza is then baked and sprinkled with Oreo crumbles and powdered sugar. Um, so, are you covered in drool yet or…?”

No, but color us intrigued.

this is a photo of Vishee and Jenna Mandahar, inventors of the Fried Oreo pizza, in their Krave It restaurant

Vishee and Jenna Mandahar opened their first Krave It location in April 2015.

Owned by Vishee and Jenna Mandahar, the first Krave It restaurant opened in April 2015. The Astoria location is scheduled to open in mid-April of this year. The Astoria Post describes the fare as “new age-style” pizza and sandwiches, which doesn’t seem far off the mark.

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“I feel like food brings people together, and I also wanted everything [on the menu] to be different,” Mandahar told the newspaper.

Referring to the pizzeria’s Sweet Devil pie, Mandahar notes, “Some people might be scared to put honey sriracha and black sesame seeds with chicken on a pizza. That’s actually one of our best sellers.” The Sweet Devil also features a special ranch drizzle and diced jalapenos.

Other pies on the Krave It menu include the Homer Simpson (meatballs, bacon and glazed cronuts, cheddar cheese and maple syrup) and the Que Pasa Empanada (Argentinian chimichurri, grilled chicken, sweet plantains, and fresh mozzarella with a cheese empanada crust).

“There’s a lot of great pizza in this city,” wrote Samantha Netkin for Delish in 2018, “but I’ve never stepped inside a joint that does crazier pies than Krave It.”

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