Fridge Magnet Lets You Order Pizza With Ridiculous Ease

""“Ordering pizza just got a whole lot easier thanks to a refrigerator magnet that lets you order your favorite pie for you at the press of a button. The VIP fridge magnet (that’s Very Important Pizza) is a creation of Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza. The magical magnet works using a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone: Set it up and sync it with your smartphone for the first time, and the magnet is ready to take your order, according to PC World.”

“As you may imagine, we had our doubts that such a simple system could be open to abuse. But thankfully Red Tomato Pizza’s little gadget has a measure in place to stop several unwanted pizzas turning up at your door. Every time you press the button, you’ll be sent a text message to confirm the order; you can then reply to the message to cancel or modify the order, or just sit back and wait for your cheesy treat to arrive.By default, the magnet is set up to order just one type of pizza, but you can change which pan is your current favorite at any time on the company’s website. Currently this magnet is due to work with the Red Tomato Pizza company of Dubai, but given the sheer simplicity of this idea we imagine that other restaurants will want a pizza-the-action (sorry), and will offer something similar.”