Fresh California Avocados Perform on the Menu

Irvine CA (May 2007)—To meet today’s customers menu demands for fast and flavorful, foodservice operators are focusing on peak season ingredients to deliver the goods. Trend-setting chefs highlight the origin and pedigree of ingredients, and discriminating diners recognize the menu buzzwords – like fresh and ripe – that signal good taste. So, for optimal results when specifying avocados, think Fresh California Avocados. Rely on California growers to produce consistent quality fruit and on California packers to provide it ripened to order. 

The California Avocado Commission offers a variety of brochures packed with product information and innovative recipes, like Beef and Avocado Salad with Chipotle Vinaigrette.   To order The Magic of California Avocados, The Foodservice Menu Guide and Too Hot Not To Be Cool, visit or call the CAC Foodservice Hotline at 800-370-3782.