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Fresh Brothers Adds Keto-Friendly Crust to Menu for Carb-Free Pizza Lovers

If the new crust is a success, it will be added to Fresh Brother's sizable collection from gluten-free to vegan for the customers who want to have their pizza and eat it too. 

The ketogenic diet has been a star-studded national trend from Halle Berry to even Al Roker consuming the high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Pizzerias have been participating by offering keto crusts but recently pizza chains are joining by offering these specialized crusts nationwide.

Joining Blaze Pizza is Fresh Brothers with its new 10-inch Keto Diet-approved pizza crust. The dough is crafted from whey protein through, flaxseeds, eggs, cauliflower rice, and mozzarella — making it gluten-free with 420 calories and just six grams of net carbs.

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“We believe in offering a premium pizza for all palates and diets. Keto is more of a lifestyle than a diet, so we want to be there with our customers as their habits change,” said Scott Goldberg, executive chef for Fresh Brothers.

The growth of Cauliflower Crust over the past year influenced the pizza chain’s decision to experiment with keto-friendly crusts. “(The cauliflower crust) turned from a dietary inclusive option to a preference for our customers,” Goldberg said. “We saw the demand for even lower carb options and knew that we had to provide a solution to our fans.”

Goldberg then worked with Venice Bakery to brainstorm a new recipe for a keto-friendly crust, and he hopes that the crust will be here to stay.

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“Like any product we roll out,” he said, “it is about the demand and how well it is being received. Separate from the keto diet, we think providing low carb alternatives is the future of pizza. People still want to splurge, but more healthfully now. The keto crust is a great solution for people following the diet and those wanting a great-tasting, better-for-you option. If feedback continues to be as great as it was in our test markets, the Keto pizza will definitely stay on the menu.”

To celebrate the ketogenic launch, Fresh Brothers is offering Pepperoni Keto Crust for only $12 with the code KETO on Monday, November 18.