“The makers of Freschetta pizza have responded to increasing menu trends, adding sea salt and olive oil to the sauce of its Brick Oven lineup. To celebrate the new ingredients, the company has kicked off a new Rally for Real Pizza Campaign to spur consumers to “Boycott Blah” and “Fight for Fresch Flavor.” “Through the Freschetta brand we continue to make ongoing strides to improve upon our pizzas by offering the most flavorful, highest-quality ingredients in the frozen pizza category,” said Stacy Bergmann, Freschetta senior brand manager. “We have taken note of how consumers are continuing to seek out better, more flavorful ingredients like sea salt and olive oil, and are excited to have added these fresh-tasting ingredients into our pizza sauce. ”‘

Freschetta pizzas featuring sauce made with sea salt and olive oil are now available in the following Brick Oven varieties: 5 Italian Cheese, Pepperoni and Italian Style Cheese, Zesty Italian Style Supreme, Spinach & Mushroom and Three Meat Medley. The sea salt and olive oil sauce will be incorporated into the Naturally Rising line of Freschetta pizzas later this year. Additionally, the Rally for Real Pizza campaign will take place throughout March via Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

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