France’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Pizzas

The top ten finalists of France’s most beautiful pizza contest are now online and ready for voting by the public. The top ten were selected out of some 40 submissions by a panel of pizza professionals from the APF,French PizzeriaAssociation.

Participants sent in pictures of the top and bottom of their pizza and were judged on beauty, harmony, shape and bake.

Anyone may submit their vote for the prettiest pie until March 29th. Votes submitted online will count for 25% of each contestant’s overall score.

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To cast your vote, send an email with your first and last name, qualifications, and the number of your favorite pizza to

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony at Parizza, April 2 in Paris. The grand prize is free transport, lodging and entry fees to compete at the World Pizza Championships in Parma April 9-11.

1 – xxxxx

American mango, strawberries, clementines, Brazilian garden cherries, mint, bananas, melon, watermelon, dragon fruit, blue vanilla, caramel and flowers.

2 – (no name)

Crème fraîche, gorgonzola, marscarpone, speck, apple slices, pansy and borage flowers.

6 –La Légine austral(The Australian Toothfish)

Yellow tomato,toothfish, beet, squid ink, blue vanilla, sweet potato, chayote, basil, kaffir lime, black salt, smoked buffalo mozzarella, chayote sprouts.

11 – L'Interdite (The Forbidden)

Semi-candied cherry tomatoes, basil bread tule, buffalo mozzarella, fennel blossoms, lenticul begonia flowers, mustard cress, sprouts, mushrooms.

13 – La Spring

Purple potato cream as a base, marinated cod, squid and raw vegetables: radish, beets, onion, red chard.

15 – La ronded'amour(the circle of love)

Pistachio cream base, multicolored tomatoes, radish, beets, kumquat andlemonquat, ediblepansys, caviar from Greenland, olive oilvinaigrette,yuzu, sea salt, sprinkled with salad and dill leaves.

17 – La douceur printanière(Spring Sweetness)

Crèmefraîche, salmon rectangles with lemon oil, sprinkled with rose, bay and poppy seeds. Granny Smith apple, trout caviar and eggs, chives, sprouts, edible pansies.

18 – (no name)

Lime cream base, mozzarella, leek-stuffedscallops,zucchini"flowers" and "leaves"and carrot "stamen," smoked pink salmon,asparagus, red endives, grated carrots, squid ink angel hairs, cherry tomato, trout eggs, cream of balsamic vinegar, lime, chives,crown was shaped and baked with red beet coloredpizza dough.

19 – La cristaline

Zucchini, dried duck breast, thinly sliced pear crystals, turnip,mushrooms, herbal juice (basil, oregano, tarragon, heart of romaine and chives), watercress, Romanesco broccoli.

20 –(no name)

A base of creamedpeas and breaded spinach to create the "ground."Lemon ricotta flowers,beetroot,red carrot,purple sweet potato,turnips,peas, purple and white cauliflower, gingerbreadtule, some touches of small edible flowers.