Fox's Pizza Den Thinks Outside the Box

Pittsburgh, PA – Marchh 30, 2005 – Fox’s Pizza Den, in alliance with Stronghaven Corrugated Containers’ announces the implementation of the Perfect Box Program(tm).  Food safety becomes more of a public issue every day.  All industries involved in any type of association with food or food contact products must be responsive and they are looking to business partners or third party associates who will help & guide them in a program of product assurance.  One such organization is AIB International and they clearly are one of the leading agencies focused on these types of issues.  The stated mission of AIB (American Institute of Baking) International is that â€oethey are committed to protecting the safety of the food supply chain through rigorous independent inspections, superior audits & training, and shared food safety expertise.

Only a small percentage of pizza box manufacturers are AIB certified in Food contact packaging.  The program lowers business risks for Fox’s Pizza Den & strengthens the Fox’s reputation.  Fox’s Pizza Den is a 300 unit franchise located in 30 states throughout the USA.  Fox’s attributes their success to a combination of quality products, expanded menu, low initial fees and startup costs. The ˜Perfect Box Program is a natural fit for our franchise, states founder Jim Fox, he adds, eMarketing can be more than just print, it’s what you put in the box and now, the box itself.

Comprehensive GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audits cover the adequacy of the product safety program, pest control, operation methods and personnel practices, maintenance for product safety, and cleaning practices. Conditions such as no glass, including light bulbs, hair restraints, no food and drink policy in production areas, and a computerized preventive maintenance program were implemented. Stronghaven created over 50 new programs to be AIB certified including an approved HACCP plan- preventative system to ensure safety.

A Division of Stronghaven, Inc., Stronghaven Corrugated Containers is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. a leading manufacturer of E-Flute corrugated containers, we are dedicated to serving as a key partner and the one resource that our customers depend on to meet their needs. ike Clark, General Manager. Sharing their AIB audit results with Foxs Pizza Den demonstrates their dedication to providing safe, superior products.  Stronghaven also touts that it was the only packaging facility to gain the superior rating after their first audit in 2005 and increased their scoring in 2006.