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Four Naperville Coaches Game For New Pizzeria

According to the Naperville Sun, "Four Naperville dads who have coached youth athletics for years are applying their skills to a new team — Coach's Pizza, a restaurant that recently opened on 1931 S. Washington St. And if their strategy pays off, the new venture is sure to be a winner."

"'I am excited to create something completely different than my day job, that would get me involved in the Naperville community I have lived in for most of my life,' said Scott Zelinski, 45. 'We plan to do a lot with the schools, churches and, of course, youth sports organizations. We believe our involvement in the community and a quality product will be our differentiator.' Zelinski, a graduate of Naperville Central, grew up around the corner from the restaurant he opened with friends Pat Roemer, Mike Peterson and Bill Nash. While Coach's Pizza is a new undertaking for the group, Peterson brings more than two decades of restaurant experience to the business, and helps run the day-to-day operations. The space was formerly Scarpacci's Pizza, but Peterson said everything, from the recipes to the menu, is brand-new."