Former Sopranos actor Vinny Vella’s pizzeria is a ‘hit’ in Williamsburg

According to a news report from, “This pizzeria is a real hit, man. An actor who’s made a name for himself playing shady underworld characters has opened a Williamsburg pizzeria that has become a hangout for real-life characters.”

“Vinny Vella, who most recently played Jimmy Petrille in HBO’s hit show “The Sopranos,” has already hosted a retired jewel thief, bookies and assorted ex-cons since opening Vinny Vella’s Pizzeria in November, the actor told The News,” said the story.”These people, my friends, they might’ve done a little time for running numbers or something like that, but nothing big,” said Vella of pals, both from his circle of actor buddies and elsewhere, who nosh at the Metropolitan Ave. pizzeria. “I mean, even I’ve been arrested once or twice.” Vella said he decided to jump into the pizza business as a way to earn extra dough between movies and television gigs because residual checks just weren’t cutting it.”

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