Former rocker rolling along in pizza business

According to a story on, “For much of his adult life, Don Main was a rocker rather than a restaurateur. But fate—along with a pressing need to find a more profitable line of work—drove him to seek his fortune in a kitchen rather than onstage.”

“Main, president and co-owner of Puccini’s Smiling Teeth, began his peculiar career change back in 1990, after a decadeand-a-half stint as a professional—but not very well-paid—musician. At age 36, the bassist and lead vocalist for the band The Late Show was at a crossroads. He and his wife, Tommi, wanted to start a family, but were in no position to support one,” said the story. “I didn’t wake up one morning and have my wife say, ‘Honey, we’re ready to start having kids, so I want you to become a restaurateur,’” Main said. “But she did say, ‘Honey, I’m not saying you have to quit being a musician, but you have to start making more money.” At roughly the same time, his brother Tom and his current business partner (and company vice president) Brooks Powers also were casting around for something new to do. The restaurant business floated to the top of the list. After toying with such various concepts, they settled on pizza.”

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