For Salisbury Beach, New Trash Cans for Pizza Boxes

According to, “For decades pizza lovers have flocked to Salisbury Beach, buying pizza to eat as they enjoyed all the other resources the beach has to offer. When done, however, the boxes were dumped in the beach trash receptacle, often causing a problem. The large, square, heavy cardboard boxes monopolized the limited space in the trash cans, causing them to overflow frequently and giving the town’s Public Works Department a summer-long headache.”

“‘Oh, pizza boxes have been a real problem at the beach for years,’ said Salisbury Public Works director Don Levesque. ‘Salisbury isn’t alone. You’ll find the same problem in many other communities.'”

“This year, construction company SPS New England of Salisbury weighed in to see if they could engineer a solution. ‘SPS built the new pizza trash cans you can see at the Beach Center,’ Levesque said. ‘We don’t know how well they’ll work, but we’re hoping they will make a difference.'”

“The “pizza boxes only” trash cans have a mouth large enough to slip in a closed pizza box”.

“‘The idea is the boxes will go in, and slide down flat, one on top of the other,’ Levesque said. ‘Now, all we need the public to cooperate, look for them and use them.'”