For a Franchise, Success Is in the Hiring

According to a news report from, “Super Bowl Sunday is weeks away, but Dave Melton, a Domino’s Pizza franchisee in Manhattan, is already gearing up.”

“It is by far the pizza chain’s largest sales day of the year, and Mr. Melton wants the staff at his five locations to be ready to deliver pizzas to everyone who calls, without a long wait. On game day, Feb. 3, all employees — a total of about 100 — are scheduled to work, as well as a dozen former employees who have agreed to jump in and help,” said the story. ““For two and a half hours, it will be crazy,” Mr. Melton said. But he said he was confident that his employees would hold up under pressure,” said the story. “That is because most of the team has worked during the Super Bowl several times before. “New people make mistakes,” he said. In an industry known for its high turnover of employees, Mr. Melton has built a work force with unusual longevity. All of his managers have been on staff for at least six years, some for twice that time. Each started as an hourly worker delivering pizzas on a bicycle — for minimum wage plus tips — and has moved up to be a manager, with compensation as high as $70,000, which includes a percentage of the location’s profits.”

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