According to a news article from, “The sign near the door of Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza is subtle but noticeable.”
 “Food stamps gladly accepted.” Blaine Ellis, the owner of local Papa Murphy’s franchises, including two in Muncie, said the use of public assistance — traditionally known as food stamps but more recently electronic balance transfer (EBT) cards — has increased in the recession,” said the story. “We’ve always had a good sampling of people using EBT,” Ellis said. “But we’re seeing an increase. I assume because of economic times, that’s going to increase [even more],” he said. “The beauty is that it’s pretty good, solid food at a reasonable price.”Papa Murphy’s has been eligible for EBT use for years because the store’s products — including pizzas and cookie dough — are sold uncooked. EBT cards can be used for food products to prepare at home but not for already-cooked, restaurant-type food.”

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