Food & Hotel Expo 2007 is India’s Prime  International Trade Exhibition to be held in September 2007. The event is all set to present over 10,000 food, kitchen & hotel related products, equipment and machinery from over 15 countries.  As India prepares herself for becoming an economic superpower, Goa too boasts of significant growth specially in  tourism industry where tremendous demand in the food, kitchen and hotel sector is being witnessed. It is estimated that in the very near future, Goa will emerge as one of India’s top markets, thus justifying the need for a specialized international trade exhibition. Moreover, for the infrastructure, raw material, facilities and serenity that Goa offers, it  is now also the headquarters of several multinationals and Indian companies in India.

Why Goa: Goa attracts tourists from all over the world creating a flourishing tourism and hospitality industry that is a significant source of revenue and employment generation. The Food & Hotel sector is the main money spinner as most people are engaged in related business. Besides, Goa has emerged as one of the most developed, resourceful and safe states in India, thus boosting the growth of industries in several sectors. Goa, by itself is now home to over 100 hotels and resorts while many more are either in the planning and construction stage.

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