“Forget housing starts, employment numbers or other financial indicators: the real evidence of a local economic recovery lies at Lorenzo Pizza in Bradenton, which is now offering a wallet-busting $65 large pizza,” according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

“Called “The Celebrity,” the 16-inch pie comes topped with a pound of lobster meat, a thick layer of soft arugula lettuce, a full quart of sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts and grape tomatoes melted into a mound of fresh mozzarella.

The succulent creation — which boasts a unique flavor profile that is at once rich and salty yet balanced by the sweet meat of the lobster — is cooked up in the cramped but quaint kitchen at Lorenzo Pizza on Manatee Avenue West in Bradenton.

The mad (or is it genius?) pizza scientist who conceived the $65 pizza is owner Lorenzo Amato, 65, who says he wanted to break away from the overall affordability of his menu to offer something special for those who love to splurge. Most entrees at Lorenzo go for $9.75 and a typical large pizza is around twelve bucks.”

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