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Florida Delivery Driver Named Best in Country

“Be friendly. Be positive. It’s the pizza delivery mantra, and its application might just be why James Phillips, 28, has just been named the best in the country,” according to The Gainesville Sun.

“He’s heading west on Northwest 16th Avenue, in the rain, on Tuesday. It’s dark, and murky, until he hits 13th Street, and the sun pops out from the sky. Bands of yellow shoot through the clouds. He turns onto Northwest 23rd Boulevard, to Creeks Edge condominiums. He hustles out of the car and throws his pizza bag over his shoulder. Up the stairs. It’s only sprinkling now. He knocks and smiles.

I heard someone ordered some food.”

“I did,” says a man behind the opened door.

“Well, here it is.”

A quick monetary transaction. The door closes. Off he goes.

Phillips is the Domino’s Pizza delivery expert of the year. He beat out more than 120,000 drivers around the country for the honor.”