Online PR News – 11-October-2010 – Today, Flippers Pizzeria released details about the origins and design of their famous brick ovens, now used in all of their Central Florida restaurants.

After researching and testing some the best pizza ovens available, Flippers Pizzeria’s executive chefs finally decided on the industry’s leading brick oven brand—the Marsal oven, considered the Rolls Royce of all pizza-baking ovens.

“The 30-year old oven manufacturer produces the finest brick ovens in the restaurant industry,” said Ben Richardson, VP of Operations at Flippers Pizzeria. “Our company is built on quality at every stage, so these ovens are an important part of delivering on our customer promise of superior freshness and taste.”

Featuring the exclusive left-to-right burner design, the Marsal ovens allow for more even cooking of the pies, as opposed to the front-to-back burner design used by other manufacturers. Some brick ovens only contain brick on the deck of the oven; however, the ovens used by Flippers Pizzeria feature complete brick-lined cooking chambers, resulting in more evenly cooked pizzas that channel the rustic origins and traditions of old-world hearth ovens.

Marsal ovens also mean faster cooking times, crispier crusts, and better tasting pizza, according to Richardson. “Brick ovens like the Marsals are far superior to traditional conveyor ovens used by other pizzerias because pizzas sit directly on a ceramic brick that adds taste and texture to the crust that you just can’t get with hot air alone,” he says. Richardson says that all of Flippers Pizzeria’s pizzas are cooked at a temperature of around 575 degrees Fahrenheit.

So who can operate one of Flippers Pizzeria’s artisanal brick ovens? Only trained bakers of course. “The way the pizza is cooked can make or break it,” says Josh Hogan, Director of Training and Development. “It takes vigilance, coordination, and passion to bake the perfect pie.”

Brick ovens have been used for centuries. According to historians, the ovens seem to have originated during the Roman civilization, and many have been found in the ruins of the ancient city of Rome. Over thirty have been found at Pompeii, and some have retained superb condition considering their age. Others have been found in ancient restaurants throughout Italy, many of which seem to have looked similar to today’s modern-day pizzerias. Some even contained granite service counters.

The pizza has certainly changed through the centuries and the brick oven cooking process has evolved with it. “Flippers Pizzeria’s ovens, ingredients, and passion for creating the perfect pizza combine to create a pizza of ultimate taste and texture,” echoed Richardson. “We are constantly advancing our processes and customer experience with authentic cooking styles that honor pizza’s historical roots.”

Flippers Pizzeria currently maintains a strong brand presence and awareness in the Central Florida area, with eight successful locations in Lake Buena Vista, MetroWest, Sea World, Old Town/Celebration, SODO/Downtown Orlando, Dr. Phillips, Kissimmee, and Clermont. Since 1987, Flippers Pizzeria has been serving Central Florida’s tourists, residents, students, and businesses while making numerous charitable donations to the local community.

ABOUT FLIPPERS PIZZERIA: “Fresh Honest Ingredients.” From authentic brick-oven baked pizzas and pastas, to handcrafted calzones and flatbreads, Flippers Pizzeria maintains consistency in taste and freshness. Customers have the option of enjoying a delicious Flippers meal in the comfortable, family friendly environment of their restaurants or the convenience of pick-up and delivery services. Flippers Pizzeria is one of the only delivery services that offer the quality of authentic brick-oven-baked pizza. For more information about the company and franchising opportunities, visit or follow Flippers Pizzeria on Facebook and Twitter.

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