Orlando, Fla. – June, 20 2011 –Today, Flippers Pizzeria released details about its brand new delivery trucks that operate out of its full-service commissary in Orlando, Florida.

In the past, the casual observer may have never recognized a Flippers Pizzeria truck driving down Central Florida’s busy roadways. Despite being loaded with a variety of fresh meats, sauces, cheeses, and vegetables that would turn any hungry driver’s head, the plain white trucks revealed nothing about the tasty cargo inside. But those days are over.

Anonymity is no longer an option for the new Flippers Pizzeria trucks. These new trucks have been graphically wrapped with huge images of fresh, cheesy pizzas loaded with mounds of tasty-looking toppings and golden brown pizza crusts.

“Our new delivery trucks are beautiful,” said Jessie Malek, Director of Purchasing and Distribution at the Orlando pizza company. “They are a symbol of growth for our brand, especially our commissary.”

According to Malek, the new trucks supply all of Flippers Pizzeria’s locations with 99 percent of their inventory, all of which is stored, counted, and prepared at the pizzeria’s commissary, the 5,000 square-foot headquarters for the company’s food products.

“Because of our commissary’s size, we can purchase in bulk and harness our unique buying power,” said Malek. “This allows us to obtain the best, freshest ingredients possible that live up to our freshness promise… brands like Escalon tomatoes in California, Saputo cheese in Wisconsin, and Fontanini meats in Chicago, so that we can make the best pizza in Orlando.”

Malek said that growth isn’t just about building more locations (Flippers Pizzeria currently maintains 11 locations in Central Florida, two are pizza franchises ); it’s about taking the necessary measures that lead up to that. “Our commissary is an essential component to our success, and it’s one of the many reasons we have succeeded for almost 25 years in this very competitive market,” said Malek.

There are currently four newly “wrapped” trucks on the road with more to come. “These trucks are moving billboards for our pizza restaurants,” said Malik. “The entire company is very proud of what they stand for, and we are excited to finally see them on the road. ”

New cargo trucks aren’t the only new advancements Flippers Pizzeria has revealed this year. The Orlando pizzeria has also added many new features into their expertly designed interiors, including flat-screen TVs, an expanded menu that includes local beers on tap, and company swag like the new Flippers Pizzeria t-shirts. According to Ben Richardson, VP of Operations at Flippers Pizzeria, future improvements include WiFi in all restaurants and a new mobile application for the brand, slated for later this year.

“At Flippers, not only do we have a passion for making the perfect pizza—we are also committed to making the customer experience the best it can be,” said Richardson. “We are thrilled to be making the necessary enhancements to make this happen.”

Since 1987, Flippers Pizzeria has been serving Central Florida’s tourists, residents, students, and businesses the perfect pizza while making numerous charitable donations to the local community. Today, there are eleven Flippers Pizzeria restaurants in Central Florida.

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