Flippers Pizzeria Prepares for Release of New iPhone Application and Mobile Website

""Orlando, Florida, August 2011 – Flippers Pizzeria is preparing for the launch of a brand new iPhone application and mobile website this month.

According to executives at the Orlando pizza restaurant, the new iPhone application will allow customers to place food orders on their iPhones, iTouches, and iPads. The technology will locate the user’s closest Flippers Pizzeria location (there are currently 11 pizzeria locations in Central Florida) using GPS.

Ben Richardson, VP of Operations at Flippers Pizzeria, says that the free application will feature many useful services for customers, including scheduling pick-ups and delivery orders, repeating last orders, designating favorite items and locations, reviewing order summaries, inserting coupon codes, accessing special deals, and more.

“This new restaurant technology allows us to connect with our customers through the digital tools that they use daily,” said Ben Richardson. “Now, they can order their favorite Flippers Pizzeria entrées with a few simple taps on their iPhone, iTouch, or iPad screens.”

The digital update at Flippers Pizzeria comes at a time when online ordering is becoming a desired customer feature in the food and beverage industry, especially at fast-casual pizza restaurants.

In fact, a recent study from Cornell University proved that online ordering is on the rise: After looking at the electronic ordering systems and practices of 326 different restaurant chains in the U.S., the researchers found that fast-casual restaurants, specifically pizza chains like Flippers Pizzeria, led the trend with nearly 50 percent now accepting orders online.

“We believe that this is a highly valuable service that our customers want and will use often, which is why we are making the investment,” said Josh Hogan, Director of Training and Development. “It’s another component of our 5-star customer experience, allowing users to be a part of Flippers Pizzeria on their own terms.”

In addition to this new iPhone application, Flippers Pizzeria’s website will also be optimized for mobile viewing. Therefore, if a user accesses the pizza restaurant’s website from their mobile device, they will automatically be redirected to a site that is more appropriate for a mobile phone’s screen.

“Our new mobile site allows anyone on a smartphone or tablet to view our website and navigate through our pages with the greatest of ease,” said Richardson. “Our web analytics show thousands of our visitors accessing our site via their mobile phones, so this new mobile site is essential for us.”

According to Flippers Pizzeria, the new iPhone application and mobile site will be released at the end of this month. Richardson says that the app will be available at no cost in Apple’s App Store in late August/early September of 2011.

Since 1987, Flippers Pizzeria has been serving Central Florida’s tourists, residents, students, and businesses the perfect pizza while making numerous charitable donations to the local community. Today, there are eleven Flippers Pizzeria restaurants in Central Florida, with pizza franchise opportunities available for interested and qualified investors.


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