February 11, 2011 /EIN Presswire/ — A new Flippers Pizzeria at University Commons near UCF is scheduled for a Grand Opening on February 18, 2001, with a soft opening on February 15, 2011.

Today, Flippers Pizzeria released details about its newest corporate restaurant opening, University Commons, near the University of Central Florida. According to executives at Flippers Pizzeria, the new restaurant is scheduled for a Grand Opening on February 18, 2001, with a soft opening on February 15, 2011.

Gwen Kousaie, Regional Director of Operations at Flippers Pizzeria, said that the new location puts Flippers Pizzeria in the heart of one of the restaurant’s major target markets–college students at the University of Central Florida. “Nowhere in the Orlando metropolitan area is the college student demographic more concentrated than in our new location at University Commons,” said Kousaie. He also noted that the residential population and business community in that area of Orlando was also a major factor for selecting the new location.

She’s right. Flippers Pizzeria will now have access to one of the largest college markets in the country. According to the University of Central Florida’s website, the school is ranked as the nation’s third largest public university–and the state of Florida’s largest university.

Jessie Malek, Director of Purchasing and Distribution of Flippers T&B Wholesale, went on to say that he and the entire Flippers Pizzeria team have been anticipating this moment for a very long time. “The location could very well be a defining point in our history,” said Malek. “With this new location, paired with our solid, 24 years’ experience making fresh Florida pizza, we’ve created a huge opportunity at Flippers University Commons.”

Kelly Pfister, Director of Sales and Marketing for Flippers Pizzeria, agrees: “We are eagerly anticipating being part of the UCF community,” said Pfister. “The great thing is that we’re already known by many of the students, faculty, staff, and residents in the area because of our strong presence in other neighborhoods of Central Florida.” People in the area are excited about the new location, said Pfister.

“Our patrons keep coming back to Flippers Pizzeria for countless reasons,” said Malek. “One of the main reasons for their strong brand loyalty is because we’ve never strayed away from our mission of satisfying every customer through our passion for the perfect pizza.”

Josh Hogan, Director of Training and Development at Flippers Pizzeria goes on to reinforce the brand’s mission and quality promise. “Our staff is not only trained on delivering the very best customer service, but they are also educated on all aspects of the Flippers Pizzeria story–from our nearly 25-year history in Central Florida to the honest origins of our fresh, hand-selected ingredients.”

Ben Richardson, Vice President of Operations at Flippers Pizzeria echoed the sentiments of other executive staff about the new location opening at University Commons:

“This new corporate location is very exciting for our corporate team, who have all dedicated themselves into making sure that this new opening is a success. When we open University Commons’ doors on February 15th and 18th, I expect to see many smiling faces all around the restaurant–from both our patrons and our team, who’ve all looked forward to this day for quite some time now.”

This is the second Flippers Pizzeria location opening in Central Florida since the beginning of this year. Earlier in January, a brand new franchise location by David Lo opened in Winter Springs, Florida.

Flippers Pizzeria operates nine locations throughout Central Florida (ten when University Commons opens on February 15, 2011). Since 1987, Flippers Pizzeria has been serving Central Florida’s tourists, residents, students, and businesses while making numerous charitable donations to the local community. For more information about the company and franchising opportunities, follow Flippers Pizzeria on Facebook and Twitter.

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