Flatware Number Essential in Restaurant Business

Flatware Number Essential in Restaurant Business

Indianapolis, Ind., August 15, 2007 — Determining the appropriate number of flatware pieces in a restaurant is essential to proper operating. Using a guide can be a good approximation in ordering the first set of flatware, and daily usage can help to define ordering in the future.

Ordering the correct number is very important in ensuring that a restaurant has plenty of silverware for the current diners, as well as the diners that arrive before the previous set has been washed. The number ordered should also include back stock to accommodate for flatware that is stolen, thrown out or destroyed.

The Product Consultants at Central Restaurant Products have established a quick, easy way to select the amount of flatware to fulfill the original order for the restaurant. First, count the number of seats that will require the use of flatware. Next, multiply the suggested number for each type of flatware the restaurant will use (click on this chart to see suggested amounts). Divide this number by 12 to get the number of dozens that should be ordered.

For future ordering, order only the amount missing from the stock at the time of order. If additional seats have been created, reuse the original formula and subtract the amount of current stock to reach the number that needs to be ordered. Additionally, if business has increased, consider ordering a few extra dozen of each piece of flatware when future orders are placed.

For important flatware care information, as well as some popular styles, click here.

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