First US Chef's Soap Just Unveiled and Already Nationwide

Just weeks after unveiling the Marie’s Chef’s Soap at an industry
show in San Francisco, the new heavyweight of all kitchen soaps
has become available from independent retailers in 18 states and is
shipping directly to consumers from four distribution
locations while in the process of being presented to every major
kitchen retailer in the United States.

Genuine chef’s soap differs from other types of soap in that it is
specially formulated to remove foods, odors, oils, and saps from
the hands, it contains no fragrances, synthetics, or animal
ingredients so that when you wash your hands you’re not getting
those things on your hands before cooking, and it has a unique
longevity factor. A single 16 oz. bar of Marie’s Chef’s Soap is
guaranteed by the manufacturer to last at least a year use in the
kitchen three times a day. When the largest exporter of chef’s soap
in France retired and chef’s soap became a rare find in the states,
Marie’s Soaps began the three years of research and development
that took the genuine time-tested formula and translated the
exacting artisan process to a grand scale so it could be made in the
United States for nationwide distribution.

“Today’s American wants US made products, products that last
longer, feel better, save money, and work naturally to kill germs
rather than chemically,” says James Skylark, owner of Marie’s
Soaps. “I knew Marie’s would take off quickly, however the demand
is tremendous. Everybody’s curious, and there were a lot more
chefs and everyday gourmets looking for chef’s soap than we
imagined. “

While is the only major retailer carrying Marie’s Chef’s
Soap at the moment, Marie’s Soaps expects that by June of next
year at least one major physical retailer such as Williams Sonoma,
Bed Bath and Beyond, or Sur La Table will also carry the product
simply because it is the only genuine chef’s soap available today in
the United States. This year it was a semifinalist for Best New
Gourmet Gift at the Gourmet Housewares show in San Francisco.

“Chefs and caterers want clean hands, not hands that have
fragrances or synthetic residues them, before they start handling
food. That’s a simple concept that is new to a lot of people cooking
at home, but it’s just as important,” says Skylark, “and it’s our job to
educate them about that and provide a solution.”

Marie’s Soaps, LLC
Founded in 2008, Marie’s Soaps, LLC is the only manufacturer and
distributor of genuine chef’s soap in the United States, Marie’s
Chef’s Soap(tm). The company’s mission is to bring genuine chef’s
soap and accessories into a majority of the home and professional
kitchens of the United States. For more information about Marie’s
Soaps, LLC, visit its website at