According to a news report from, “If you order a pizza, you get a visit from the fire department, and perhaps a free smoke detector. That was the case in Cody one windy night recently.”

“One of Cody’s downtown pizza parlors was very busy on a windy Thursday evening. The phones rang three at a time. The cooks pounded out pizzas as fast as they could. The delivery workers were prepped on their routes. But, these delivery workers seemed to be dressed for something else. A fire perhaps? No, on this night, Cody’s volunteer firefighters delivered pizzas, to prevent fires,” said the story. “Firefighter/Pizza Delivery man Sam Wilde told a homeowner, “If you have a working smoke detector, then the next pizza is free. So can we check your smoke detector?” Her quick answer, “Sure!” He tested her alarm, and it rang loud. If the smoke detector had failed, or if the house didn’t have one, Wilde would have given the resident batteries or a detector. Cody’s volunteer fire department worked with Safe Kids of Park county to deliver pizzas and safety, for the third year in a row.”

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