[[PRESS RELEASE]] GOOD PLANeT Foods dairy-free, vegan cheeses are a versatile and healthy alternative for cheese enthusiasts, people with dietary needs, and environmentally conscious food connoisseurs. It’s GOOD for you, GOOD for the PLANeT, and positioned right in the middle of the fastest growing consumer foods category.

This 100% plant-based cheese tastes great, melts like dairy cheese, and has an amazing texture. Whether you use it on pizza or as an integral ingredient of other dishes, GOOD PLANeT non-dairy vegan cheese is an excellent addition to your menu. Your customers will love you for it!
Many large national chains have already begun using our amazing product in their menu offerings, citing a superior flavor, melt, and price point when compared to other brands.

In the past couple of months, GOOD PLANeT non-dairy vegan cheeses have been endorsed by PETA, Allergic Living Magazine, and other lifestyle organizations. Vegan influencers and plant-based aficionados are very excited and love it, too.

At GOOD PLANeT Foods, we believe that one should be able to live a healthier lifestyle without compromise. Our cheese allows people to enjoy what they love about cheese, without all the things they don't. (Like high calories, saturated fats, cholesterol, allergens, and animal sourcing.) It's Dairy-free, Vegan, Allergen Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, and 100% plant-based.

Our food service offerings come in a variety of flavors, forms, and sizes to meet whatever needs your operation may have. From 27.5 blocks, to 4.4lb bags of shreds, to slices, to cubes, and others in-between, whatever you need, we've got you covered! All our flavors are available in these SKU's: Mozzarella, Cheddar, Smoked Mozzarella, Parmesan, Hot Pepper, Tomato-Basil, Garlic-Herb, Smoked, and American, with Cream cheese coming soon! Just let us know how we can partner with you and help grow your business!

For more information and a complete list of our offerings, feel free to contact us at info@goodplanetfoods.com or visit our website at www.goodplanetfoods.com.

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