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A pizza operator’s worst nightmare is a mixer breakdown resulting in lost revenue if not immediately fixed. When pizza operators make in-house dough the standing mixer is one of the most vital pieces of equipment. If broken, an operator may lose the ability to produce dough at the quality and quantity needed to serve all their customers. 

With a leading warranty in the industry, at seven years, Precision Mixers stands out as a manufacturer that ensures every operator can avoid costly broken machinery. “We have more bowl height adjustments and clearances than most of the mixers in the industry, and three different style hooks so we can tailor the machine to the kind of pizza the operator is making,” says Ashton Macauley, vice president of Precision Mixers. 

Precision offers many versatile #12 Hub attachments. The attachments can grate cheese and slice vegetables and meat. One mixer can replace multiple pieces of equipment and save square footage. Unlike many mixers on the market, Precision focuses on simplicity and dependability. Almost every part in the mixer can be replaced with locally sourced parts, saving operators time and money.

Customers, like Will Pouch, owner of Esperanto, agree that Precision Mixers stand the test of time. “We’ve been in business for 10 years. I can say without question, that purchasing a mixer from Precision was one of the best equipment decisions I’ve made.” 

To find out what mixer is best for you visit precisionmixers.com. 

By Ya’el McLoud

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