Fidelity Communications announces RETENTION

The Fidelity Communications Retention Product Line will immediately help the pizza store retain customers and increase sales with no upfront cost.

Novi, MI, February 2, 2007: Fidelity Communications Corporation introduces a high performance platform to allow stores to survey customers, offer e-coupons and VIP retention as well as letting a customer know when their order has left the store. The system interfaces with most existing POS systems and does not tie up or use any phone lines in the store. The system allows the pizza store owner to utilize the features of RETENTION as little or as much as they want for just pennies per order, with no up-front costs.
RETENTION takes advantage of the most recent technologies to deliver Courtesy and Delivery Calling at the store level, for each order processed. “Integration with existing systems allows for more buyer impact without the traditional stress associated with new procedures for each employee. Customer loyalty is often a result of satisfactory experiences and a perception of a business relationship with each order”, says Bob Gilles, Fidelity Communications VP of Operation. Delivering food to a home only heightens the importance of executing a positive experience for each customer. Full description white papers are available on the Fidelity website at .

Fidelity Communications Corporation is the world’s largest provider of telecommunications equipment to the Pizza Industry. Servicing over 17,000 locations with a lowest price guarantee. Emergency service is usually responded to in less than 47 minutes 24/7. For further information please call 800-683-5600