• Powerhouse Communications, based in Santa Ana, California, is a female-led agency that specializes in the foodservice industry.
  • Females in Food helps women advance their F&B careers and shatter the very real glass ceiling while connecting them to companies seeking highly qualified female candidates.  

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Powerhouse Communications, a female-led public relations agency based in Santa Ana, California, will spearhead U.S. media relations for the Females in Food Community (FIF), which helps women advance in the food and beverage industry, the two companies announced today.

Founded in 2019, Females in Food provides career resources and job opportunities for women in the foodservice industry while working with companies who understand that the industry becomes more sustainable and profitable when women are represented at the top of businesses that celebrate them.

With its deep experience in the hospitality space, Powerhouse Communications will build awareness of Females in Food as the leading career resource platform for women seeking advancement in the food and beverage industry, as well as for food and beverage companies looking to attract highly qualified female candidates. The agency will showcase FIF’s 360-degree approach and the impactful tools that make it an effective resource for women seeking leadership roles with companies that prioritize the needs of females and working mothers today.

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“From my earliest conversations with Powerhouse, it was evident the team really understood our mission and feels as passionate as we do about shining the light on gender disparities within the booming food and beverage industry,” said Angela Dodd, founder of the Females in Food Community. “Powerhouse’s creative approach to PR and storytelling, coupled with their extensive knowledge of foodservice and food-adjacent industries—such as consumer packaged goods—make me certain they’re the best agency partner to grow with Females in Food. ”

As a professional and data-driven platform, Females in Food offers highly vetted resources and skill-building programs to help women in food advance their careers beyond the very real glass ceiling. All members have the ability to:

  • Discover career opportunities
  • Attend educational and industry events
  • Grow their individual network
  • Receive free resume reviews
  • Connect with certified career coaches
  • Enroll in the FIF Job Search Accelerator
  • Anonymously review their current or past employers on “female-friendliness factors,” such as equal opportunities for women, female representation in leadership, and maternity and adoptive leave

“Both the food and beverage industry and cause-driven non-profit organizations have been integral to Powerhouse’s client roster since day one, so working with Females in Food will allow us to blend these two areas of expertise together in a way that plays to our strengths and passions as an agency,” said Kristin Daher, founder and chief storyteller of Powerhouse Communications. “As a food-specialized PR agency, being a ‘female in food’ is part of my own and many Powerhouse team members’ identity. We’re proud to champion the Females in Food Community as we work collectively to spread awareness of its critical mission.”


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