FBI Honors Pizza Driver Who Helped Capture The ‘McBurglar’

According to, “The FBI plans to honor a St. Louis Imo’s Pizza driver they credit for helping authorities capture the bank robbery suspect dubbed the ‘McBurglar.'”

“The suspected robber, Antoine L. Boyle, 21, of the 4500 block of Blair Avenue, was nabbed after the April 13 robbery of a US Bank branch in St. Louis. Boyle allegedly entered the bank, at 5418 Hampton Avenue, wearing camouflage about 11:30 a.m. and handed the teller a note indicating he had two loaded guns. Michael Kellner, an Imo’s Pizza delivery driver who was outside the bank, sensed something wasn’t right, took down the man’s license plate number and gave it to police after he saw the man leave, authorities said.”