September 1, 2010, Tacoma, Washington: Farrelli’s Pizza of South Puget Sound area has partnered with Still Riding Pizza—makers of a gluten free pizza crust—to enable those that are on a gluten or wheat free diet to indulge in one of life’s most popular comfort foods.

Farrelli’s prides itself on delicious handcrafted pizza and now even those on this restricted diet can enjoy. Clayton Krueger, Director of Marketing and Communications said,†We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve pizza on this crust, and know that it will make it pleasurable for many customers that couldn’t have traditional pizza because of their diets.†Liz Silverman, President of Still Riding Pizza states, “Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza is the perfect partner for Still Riding Pizza. They really understand that pizza is more than just food; it’s one of the most popular ways to socialize, and now people on a gluten free diet no longer need to be left out. We’re thrilled to be working together.â€

Farrelli’s and Still Riding Pizza will work together to maintain the purity of the gluten free pizza. The crust is produced and pre-baked at Still Riding’s own, dedicated 100% GF and Kosher Certified facility in Bridgeport CT and shipped to Farrelli’s five locations. At Farrelli’s, the pizza is assembled using uncontaminated and gluten free toppings, baked on a dedicated baking tray so that it doesn’t touch the deck of the oven and cut with a clean and dedicated cutter before it is served. Still Riding Pizza and Farrelli’s have collaborated on the safest preparation methods and techniques to avoid the risk of cross contamination. The gluten free pizza as well as their healthy honey whole wheat option is a regular menu item and available at all five of their locations.

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