Farmington Hills Pizzeria Shares its Slice of Fame

According to a news report from, “Somewhere out there is an ex-waitress named Danielle Brehm who changed the world, or at least Mike Weinstein’s world.”

“Without Brehm, a pie from Weinstein’s Farmington Hills pizzeria would not have been rated 21st best in the entire nation in the GQ magazine that hits store racks today. Tomatoes Apizza would not be the toast of the continent, with famous actors battling pop stars and midrange European royals for tables,” said the story. “Technically, some of that may be an exaggeration. But as serious as Weinstein is about pizza — which is about as serious as it’s possible to be — this is a very, very big deal. Metro Detroit acquitted itself nobly in writer Alan Richman’s 20,000-mile search for the perfect pizza, recounted in a story that’s already online at Luigi’s the Original of Harrison Township came in at No. 13, local landmark Buddy’s was No. 15, and Niki’s Greektown Pizza ranked 24th.”