Exploring Top-Rated International Pizzerias

Looking through the PMQ archives, I recently came across a story discussing international pizza growth. It featured a chart, which displayed how many international visitors PMQ.com had coming to the website from various countries.

I asked our social media manager to create a current list so we could run a side-by-side comparison, hoping to pick out a noticeable rise in visits from the countries where we know pizza is growing, such as India and Russia.

The new chart did illustrate a rise in visits to PMQ.com from all countries. Here's a sampling:






Once the rise in visits from international locations was confirmed, I was curious to find out what types of pizzerias were popular in some of the countries that had been checking out PMQ.com. Here's a peek into what I found looking at top picks on Tripadvisor.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Quivo has a rating of 4.5 with 545 reviews (nearly 100 of which are pizza reviews) on Tripadvisor. They serve wood-fired paddle board pizzas (photo on the left), according to the restaurant's website.

In India, many of the top-rated pizzerias are inside hotels, as we see with the highly-regarded Romano's and Celini. Another example is this award-winning chef at Novotel hotel in Visakhapatnam, India. PMQ's senior copy editor Tracy Morin visited with him last year.

When you run a search for best pizza in the Philippines, some familiar names pop up such as CPK, Shakey's and Sbarro. But, one of the most popular pizza places in the Philippines is Altrove on Palawan Island. They have nearly 700 pizza reviews on Tripadvisor and more than 17,000 fans on Facebook.

It's interesting to explore these far-off international pizzerias via the internet. As they continue to visit PMQ.com, it makes you wonder how many of your stories are inspiring them as they grow their businesses.