Gi.Metal, for over 30 years a symbol of excellence in the world of manufacturing of professional pizza making equipment, never stops surprising. After the success of Evoluzione on the European market, the Evoluzione Line has finally reached the United States.

With its elegant and sophisticated lines, the Evoluzione pizza peel adds a new perforation and a particularly neat design to the flexibility and lightness properties of the timeless Azzurra line.

Halfway between the Azzurra peel and Gold peel, Evoluzione is an elegant and sophisticated pizza peel guaranteeing excellent performance. The new arrangement of the holes enhances performance in terms of the smoothness and discharge of the flour, while the new aesthetic detail embellishes it, making it elegant and sophisticated. The S.H.A. treatment of the head surface gives the peel greater strength, smoothness and longer life.

Evoluzione is intended for all those pizza makers looking for new solutions and who want to be identified and stand out, not only for the uniqueness of their creations but also for the tool that gives them a hand day by day.

Characteristics of Evoluzione
The most important innovation of the Evoluzione pizza peel is represented by the new and exclusive perforation, not only for aesthetic but especially for technical purposes. The new arrangement of the holes, which feature the same shape and size as the slots of the Azzurra design, enhances performance in terms of the smoothness and discharge of the flour.

Flour can be discharged in two directions, thanks to the particular positioning of the holes on oblique lines, thus guaranteeing a matchless result.

Furthermore the peel head is processed with the special S.H.A (Special Hard Anodizing) treatment, a hard oxide anodizing process that gives it maximum performance in terms of resistance to heat, to blows and abrasions, together with smoothness and long-lasting durability.

Evoluzione redefines the standards uniting technology and progress in a unique and attractive design, featured by the unmistakable aviation blue color of the handle and rivets, common for all the utensils of the line.

The pizza peels are available in two different shapes, rectangular and round, in 5 head sizes (13, 14, 16, 18 and 20’’), and 4 handle lengths (23.60, 47, 59, 71’’).

Pizza making utensils in pizzerias/restaurants are often in plain sight for the customer, which is why it is important to offer a complete kit with elegant details. In fact, alongside the pizza peel oEf the Evoluzione Line, you can find a complete range consisting of the small slotted pizza peel and the oven cleaning brush.

The small pizza peel of the Evoluzione Line, fully made of stainless steel, features the same elegant design, the innovative perforation and the same aviation blue color as the pizza peel, making it extremely solid and lightweight. The head is available in four sizes and the handle in three lengths.

Aviation blue, the common thread of the entire range, is also the color of the professional brush of the Evoluzione line,with adjustable head ( 8×2.5 x h 2’’) to reach any area of the oven, brass bristles, stainless steel rear scraper and anodised aluminium handle.

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