(Press release), Louisville, KY  — With diners looking for new ethnic dishes, Paradise™ custom sauces are a delicious and easy way to offer exciting signature sauces and menu items with an ethnic twist.

Paradise can help you create great tasting sauces based on the latest trends and popular ethnic flavors, plus get the advantages of pouch packaging. Here’s a sampling of sauces that have been in big demand:

Salsa Roja
Salsa Verde
Fire Roasted Tomatillo Sauce
Green Chile
Thai Chile Sauce
Spicy Mustard Glaze

With Paradise’s culinary and R&D support, let us help bring a world of flavors to your customers with sauces for appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, pizzas, sides and dips.

About Paradise

As the industry leader in tomato-based and signature sauces, Paradise™ has been helping the top foodservice chains and industrial customers capitalize on the latest trends with custom sauces for pizza, pasta, marinara, hot sauce, barbeque and salsa as well as ethnic sauces for over 20 years. With coast to coast coverage, Paradise offers both Packed-in-Season and All-Season Fresh Process™ products in pouches. For more information and to learn how Paradise can help get new menu ideas to market faster, visit www.paradisetomato.com.

Pam Waken
Ignite Communications

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